5 Favorite Organizational Products - image  on https://iamtheflywidow.com

If you haven’t watched The Home Edit on Netflix, you should! I mean who doesn’t want their house to look like Khloe Kardashian’s?

5 Favorite Organizational Products - image  on https://iamtheflywidow.com

I reached out to one of my favorite organizers, Victoria Tran. Victoria is the Owner of Sorted.

5 Favorite Organizational Products - image  on https://iamtheflywidow.com

If your New Year’s Resolution is to be more organized, here are her 5 Favorite Organizational Products:

  1. label maker – If you want to be organized, labels are a must! The lightweight, portable label maker uses Bluetooth wireless technology to design and print pre-designed or custom labels from your mobile device or desktop. You can select from a wide assortment of pre-designed templates to help make your labels stand out. It couldn’t be easier!

2. acrylic shelf dividers – Maximize closet storage space, make your closet shelf, pantry or any shelf neat and clean. These help you easily divide wide shelves to stack items such as clothing,sweaters, towels, purse, blankets and linens into a neat high pile. It can also allow you to divide the same shelf into different functional areas. It really polishes off your space by keeping things functional and beautiful!

3. drawer dividers – If you’re a fan of file folding (if not, what are you waiting for 😂!) these adjustable drawer dividers will keep your drawers neat and tidy while keeping each category of clothes together.

4. purse hanger – No space to display your purses on a shelf like a boutique?  No more placing your precious designer handbags on dusty floors, instead, hang them on these handbag hangers. Say no to using cheap hooks or thin hangers that can damage your bags’ handles. The design of this hanger will keep your bags protected from creases and scuffs, keep them off the floor and give them the safe home they deserve.

5. turntable – No home organization project is complete until you have utilized a turntable (or ten)! A smooth rotating base spins items around 360°, bringing the back of your cabinet or fridge to you. These are marketed for use in the fridge but I love them in all spaces, from bathroom to kitchen! With easy set-up (no installation), there is really no reason to run to Target right now! 

I just purchased a lot to build my new home on and one of my goals is to have an organized house like on The Home Edit! A girl can dream can’t she?

What are some of your organizational tips and tricks?