5 Things to look for at a Nail Salon - image  on https://iamtheflywidow.com

5 Things to look for at a Nail Salon - image  on https://iamtheflywidow.comSummer is coming and it’s time to head to your favorite nail salon for those vacation manis and pedis! Do you know what you should be looking for besides the newest polish? Let me help you!

  1. Sanitary Practices. Things like files, buffers and cuticle pushers can carry a lot of germs if they’re not cleaned or replaced between each manicure or pedicure. Make sure your salon is using an autoclave or replacing tools after each client. 
  2. Polishes. Many salons “thin out” polish with acetone. The acetone “can lessen the longevity and quality of the manicure.
  3. Pedicure Chairs (jets aren’t the best). If you are getting a pedicure, make sure the salon uses a protective piece of plastic over the basin and changes it before each new client. Have you ever witnessed your salon clean the bowl? 
  4. Ventilation. If you are overpowered by the smell of nail polish or acrylic,  it’s probably not ventilated well. Personally, I prefer salons that do not use acrylic. 
  5. Licensing. Do you ever check the credentials? Is the salon licensed? Is your nail technician licensed?


These are just a few things that I recommend checking for when choosing a nail salon. What would you add? Stay tuned for my list of recommended Nail Salons!


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