About Alisha Reed

Alisha Reed

Hi! I am Alisha Reed.

On Monday morning of December 23, 2019, my entire life changed. My husband, my son’s father, and my best friend passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 43. My heart was broken into a million pieces. At 40, I was now an Overnight Widow. What do I do? How do I go on? What do I tell my 4 year old son?

In 2014, I founded Nola Bougie, a lifestyle brand and blog with a mission to inspire women to live their best lives by becoming the best versions of themselves. That day, I just wanted to shut down. How could I live my best life without my soul mate?

The answer was simple. In order to live my best life while honoring my soul mate, I would have to FIRST LOVE MYSELF.

Alisha Reed