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BougieFIT is not my New Year’s Resolution. Nope. You wanna know why it’s not? It’s because on my birthday I said I was going to do better. I must admit, I’m pretty damn good at motivating other people, just not myself. I’ve purchased Groupons..that have since expired. I even subscribed to Class Pass and I have two gym memberships.

So what is BougieFIT you ask? Well, for starters it isn’t a bootcamp. I keep saying this and soon you will start to believe me…it’s a movement. A Bougie woman must take care of her mind, body and spirit! She’s FIT= Fabulous, Intelligent, Thankful!

On Saturday, I held an exclusive BougieFIT event for 12 women led by April Dupre’ of Footprints to Fitness. April encouraged us all to let got of all of our frustrations and to connect with our inner bodies. We learned a dance…that I’ve already forgotten…and had a great time! My purpose was to get a group of women together, have fun and burn some calories while doing it! This Bougie Black Woman has no rhythm but I enjoyed dancing!

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There are more events to come which will focus self love, women empowerment and health and wellness!

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