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Don’t let the “quarantine 15” sneak up on you! I know you are in the house eating up all of those snacks…me too! Wearing pajamas, lounge wear or scrubs every day sure doesn’t help. Go ahead and put on a pair of your favorite jeans. I’ll wait. Do they still fit? Are they snug? I know. That’s why I ordered that Peloton bike and I’m on it EVERY DAY. No, I’m not telling you to buy that “expensive bike.” I’m telling you to get active and start an at home fitness routine. We will come out of this  “Quarantine FINE!”

Here’s a list of businesses that are offering Virtual workouts and online programs:

Drive Sports Performance


Move Ya Brass

Pure Barre New Orleans

Romney Studios


Cyclebar Nola Uptown

Zone Fit Nola

Girl Crush Fitness

Earn Dat Body


Fact: Physical activity may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways.