Letter to Moe - image  on https://iamtheflywidow.com

Where do I begin? It’s Father’s Day and I always said that I didn’t have to give you a gift because I had Mojo five years ago the day before Father’s Day. Look at that, it fell the same way this year. 

Mojo celebrated his birthday on yesterday with a big parade. I tried my best to smile, while deep down inside I was crying. He looks so much like you Moe. He even has your personality…I know that I’m in trouble. Mojo is amazing. Are you surprised? Of course not, he was blessed with our genes. He’s reading and is ready kindergarten. He still whines and sleeps in the bed with me. Sorry. 

I am trying my best to “miss you but let you go” but I have to admit that it’s hard as hell. There are so many things that I took for granted. You know I can’t parallel park! I’m trying to remember all of the little things that you showed me so that I can pass them on to Mojo. 

Oh, I kept the tradition going. This year’s painting is amazing. I miss you so much Moe. Keep looking out for us up there. 10-4.