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I didn’t choose to become a minimalist, the minimalist lifestyle chose me. When Moe passed, I packed a bag and left my home to move in with my parents. It was too traumatic for me to return the house, so I just wore and used what I had. Yes, I did take a bath and washed my clothes. That my friends, is Minimalism. As the weeks passed by, I began to think about what really mattered in life. I thought about all of the “stuff” that I owned. I thought about its true value now that I didn’t have access to it. Did I even miss it? Was it really that important? Did I need 10 pairs of blue jeans? Why did I own 25 white t shirts?

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I was familiar with Marie Kondo. I even purchased the book, but I wasn’t going to ask myself if my stuff “sparked joy” or not. Especially when there was nothing joyful about my life at the moment. Instead, I searched for books on Minimalism. If you know me, then you know I’m always down for a challenge. The book, Project 333 was “The Minimalist Fashion Challenge That Proves Less Really Is So Much More.” A Minimalist fashion challenge? Now that sounded very interesting and “blogworthy.” The challenge: “Wear just 33 items for 3 months and get back all the Joy you were missing while you were worrying about what to wear.” Let me say this, I am that woman who can never find anything to wear. It stresses me out. But, ok back to these 33 items. For 3 months. I mean, we are living in the middle of a pandemic so now is probably the easiest time to do this. Life for me is just working in scrubs and attending zoom meetings.

I returned to my home to start packing and reached out to Felicia Schimpf of New Orleans Neat. We were communicating last year because I planned to reorganize my closet and then my life changed. This time, I was reaching out because I needed to pack up my entire house to move. Felicia is a pro at this. She’s moved a lot! I scheduled a consultation with her and she was able to provide me with an estimate based on my priorities. The goal was to review and edit my closet. Felicia would then donate and consign all items that I wouldn’t be taking to my new house. In addition to this, she would take care of all of the moving logistics: moving supplies, pre-move prep, storage unit and moving company.


Due to social distancing restrictions, we decided to do this project virtually. This was the perfect opportunity to become a FLY Minimalist! I packed up all of my things into large boxes and began to purge. THAT WAS HARD. I started with 10 boxes. Then went down to 5 boxes. Felicia shared with me some of the best containers to get for my closet storage since my space downsized drastically. Once I moved the 5 boxes, I was able to consolidate down to 5 smaller containers for all of the seasons! I had to send Felicia a picture!

Now that I knew what my wardrobe consisted of, it was time to think about this Project 333. I decided to consult Felicia and order a wardrobe rack. Once the rack arrived, it was time to pick my pieces! I still can’t believe that I did it!

My 33 Items:

10 white shirts

4 pairs of shoes

1 Tory Burch purse

1 Tote Bag

1 pair of Gucci Sunglasses

1 pair of earring studs

1 butterfly necklace

1 angel wing necklace

1 watch

1 wedding band

1 pair of jeans

1 pair of denim shorts

1 denim romper

3 kimonos

1 pair of black slacks

1 blouse

1 dress

1 dress shirt (Moe’s)

1 t-shirt (Moe’s)

If you check out my Instagram, I am wearing what’s in this capsule! Do you think that you could do it? I definitely think that this was much easier because of the pandemic. I’m actually looking forward to creating a Fall Capsule! Felicia and I are now tackling my home office. Yes, the one with all of the beauty products in it. Stay tuned for that!