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Are you hoarse? Are you sick? Can you sing? These are the questions that I’m asked almost every day. Well, not anymore! My response was always “No, my voice is always like that.” My doctors always said it was GERD or acid reflux and I took medicine daily. Fast forward to August. I made an appointment with an ENT doctor after my symptoms started to worsen. It was becoming difficult to talk for long periods of time without taking a break. I was even having difficulty breathing.

The doctor stuck a tube down my nose and throat and what he found was a cyst on my vocal cord!

My Recovery from Vocal Cord Surgery - image  on

WTF? How did that even happen? How long has it been there? These are all of the questions that soon followed. In that order. The recommendation was to have it surgically removed. The tears flowed. I do NOT like surgery. AT ALL. I mean, who does? He looked at the calendar and suggested the following week. Slow down sir! My 40th birthday was in the upcoming weeks and I had plans! I told him that I would get back to him. Avoidance. I’m good at that.

What would recovery look like? How many days? Voice restriction. That’s like the end of the world for me! Let me think about this. I have things to do.

The weeks turned into months and things started to worsen. It became exhausting to speak and required so much effort. I was tired. It was time. I scheduled my appointment and just as I had suspected, the cyst had grown.

Surgery was scheduled. Reality started to set in. My raspy voice would be gone. As silly as it may sound, it became a part of me. I’m losing a part of myself. I received all of my paperwork and realized that I would need speech therapy! WTF? How much of this is gonna change for me? I’m so not ready.

Here’s my Voice Rest plan:

My Recovery from Vocal Cord Surgery - image  on

So here we are. Surgery was yesterday and I’ll share my recovery with you!

My Recovery from Vocal Cord Surgery - image  on

Surgery Day:

Surgery lasted for about an hour. I got the good meds! Throat discomfort was mainly burning. Unable to clear throat. Had to write out notes for nurses and doctors. My handwriting is awful by the way. Using Text to Speech. Mojo was told for about a week that Mommy would not be able to talk. It didn’t matter. LOL


My Recovery from Vocal Cord Surgery - image  on


Post Op Day 1:

My Recovery from Vocal Cord Surgery - image  on

Woke up starving. I’m going to be skinny.
Mojo asked if my voice was back yet. This is going to be a long recovery.
I think that I have watched all of the Hallmark Christmas Movies but I’ll watch SVU reruns all day. I need my hair and makeup done.
School called and said Mojo is sick. Go figure.


Post Op Day 2
Bored and Hungry

Washed my hair and wrote a blog on facials

Throat is still sore

Doctor’s office called. Like I could answer?

Post Op Day 3

I’m getting out of the house today. Did I mention that I was staying at my parents?


Stay tuned for more updates!