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I’m so used to telling patients that SALT is BAD for them that I never paid attention the BENEFITS of Salt Therapy! My salt therapy (halotherapy) session at Strictly Salt may have just changed my life! 

If you watched a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac on Bravo, then you saw Karen and Ashley visit a salt cave.

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Now, these ladies went there to meet a spiritual healer. I’m not too sure if all the salt in the world could fix these too…I digress.

Have you seen himalayan salt lamps? I’ll be honest and say that I just thought that they would be nice decor for my guest room, so I ordered one. Sure, I’ve seen Himalayan Salt in the grocery store and on the shelves in TJ Maxx. I needed to know what was so special about it. As your Self Care Advocate and Wellness Expert, it is important for me to research these things and report back to you!

Strictly Salt Metairie is Owned by Nathallie and Stephen. I went in for my session and immediately saw the salt lamps, along with other salt products for skin, cooking and relaxation.

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Himalayan Salt is a rare, pink salt that is believed to have healing properties. There are claims that Himalayan Salt is used to remove mucus and allergens from the air as well as aid in detoxification. Halotherapy is used to treat multiple conditions. I suffer with Eczema and prefer to not always use steroid creams, so that is what brought me in. One note though, they don’t use Himalayan salt in our halogenerator! It is a common misconception about salt therapy! Halogenerators use pharmaceutical grade salt, which is salt that has been completely stripped of any impurities. Himalayan salt, although great for your skin in a bath, probably isn’t great for your lungs because of all the trace minerals!

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Before my session started, I placed all of my belongings in a locker…including my cell phone. You won’t have any pictures of me inside of the room. The salt is so fine that it can get inside of your phone and ruin it. I was supposed to relax anyway right? I was given an iPod with preset music and I took a book with me to read. Once inside of the room, I took a seat and Stephen explained to me that the salt would start blowing from the wall. He closed the door. My initial reaction was of course panic. I was in this room, alone. It was quiet and some white stuff was blowing out the vent. You can only imagine the thoughts going through my mind! After a few minutes passed, my anxiety subsided. I became relaxed and before I knew it, my session was over. I will say that you can taste the salt, but don’t worry, I don’t think that it will raise your blood pressure! LOL!

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I asked Nathallie a few questions:

NB: What prompted you to open this business?
Nathallie: My own horrible history of allergies. For as long as I can remember, my life has been one giant snot bubble. My poor mom was the Queen of Kleenex! I’ve suffer from ALL the allergies… pollen, grass, trees, ragweed, pretty much everything but mold (miraculously). Since an early age, I have been using antihistamines and nasal sprays. They allowed me to have some sort of a normal life, but every year without fail, I would have to start taking stronger and stronger medication. I was on the strongest stuff and it actually worked well for several years until my body developed a resistance to that too! I still had more bad days than good at that point in my life. In my late 20’s, my mother called me up one day and tells me about this episode she just watched on Dr. Oz about Halotherapy. She said to me “Look into it. I would like to send you on a trip to go sleep in a salt cave.” Completely baffled by what she was talking about I turned to google. That’s where I was introduced to the wonderful world of halotherapy! It turns out that Halotherapy has a long history, beginning in the industrial revolution in Europe, but most recently halotherapy spas like mine are spreading all across the US as we all start to become aware of more naturally based therapies. The internet helped me locate a halotherapy spa near where my mother was living in West Palm Beach, So on a trip to go see her, we arranged to do a few sessions. It was an incredible first experience. I slept like a baby for two whole weeks! My lungs were so clear, I just remember thinking I had no idea this is what it felt like to be normal. After a year of doing halotherapy with my mom when I would go visit her, my husband and I decided to bring Halotherapy to Metairie in the hopes that we can change the lives of people in our community!
NB: What’s your favorite success story?
Nathallie: Even though we have seen a lot of people find relief from allergies, asthma, and COPD, my favorite success story is of a member who suffers from depression and anxiety, one of the many things that Halotherapy can help with! I honestly was a bit skeptical about this aspect of Halotherapy. I am very fortunate that I don’t suffer from these conditions, so I didn’t have any personal experience to back up the claims. When this individual started coming regularly every Saturday and Sunday morning, the transformation was incredible. They even because confident enough to talk to total strangers at stores and restaurants, something that she was always too anxious about in the past. I feel like their life has really changed dramatically thanks to the sessions! I can’t explain why it works, but it really does! We have a few clients who also suffer from anxiety who are getting great results from it, but it really lifts my spirits to see that one specific’s person’s personal journey with it!


NB: Which health conditions are contraindicated?
Nathallie: In halotherapy, Stage 4 COPD is contraindicated. The reason for this is because, when you breathe in the microcrystals of salt, it lodges itself into your airways and lungs and draws water from the surrounding tissue. When you reach Stage 4, it becomes very difficult to expel fluids from your lungs. Overloading Stage 4 sufferers can cause them to become overloaded with fluids, so we definitely don’t want to put them at risk! Any level of COPD below that is fine for therapy.
Other severe lung issues like Severe Pulmonary Hypertension, Tuberculosis, Lung Cancer or severe heart disorders are a contraindication and should be treated by a physician.
NB: How often can you have a session?
Nathallie: You can get salted every day if you like! It really depends on what is going on with your body! We are pretty good at guiding our clients in creating a therapy plan according to their symptoms! Generally, most of our clients come in for 45-minute sessions two to three times a week.
After one session, I did notice that the patches in the crease of my arms were better and less irritated. I would probably need more sessions to determine effectiveness. I plan on bringing Mojo in! Check out their Salt Beach! Who wants to have a play date?
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Price Per Session

Adult Halotherapy Session – $45

Child (Over age 8) Halotherapy Session – $45

Mommy and Me Halotherapy Session – $60

Visit for more information about Wellness Wednesdays!  Packages and Memberships are available.Don’t forget to tell them Nola Bougie sent ya!