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If we are going to be more conscious about what we but in our bodies, then we need to be the same way about our feminine products.

I decided to try the Honey Pot System (plant based feminine care) last week. The Normal System consisted of a wash, wipes, sanitary pads and panty liners. 

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Sure, I read that the pads were herbal infused but I wasn’t prepared for it.

The sanitary pads are made from pesticide-free cotton and infused with essential oils, which creates a “cooling” effect that helps with cramps and discomfort. The essential oils include mint, lavender and aloe.

Like Whoa. I was overwhelmed. It felt like Vick’s Vaporub down there. As it became more intense, I had to take it off. I did some research and read reviews. To my surprise the reviews were consistent with my experience. I decided to try them again, this time it wasn’t as intense, still noticeable, but actually soothing. 

I used the overnight pads, regular pads and panty liners. They were comfortable and protective. I will definitely place an order for next month. The system also included a wash and feminine wipes. Did you know that you should use your hands for cleansing and not a washcloth?

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Beatrice Espada launched The Honey Pot in 2014 because she was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn’t get relief. I don’t know about you but I think a woman knows a woman best! It takes one to know one! She says, “If you’re here because your honeypot is unhappy, I’ve been there.“

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