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You NEVER forget your FIRST. Whatever it was, it’s forever ingrained in your memory. What was your first car? Where was your first job? Who was your first crush? I know you can remember and I bet that it made you smile. We usually look forward our firsts until they remind us of our lasts. When you have a baby, you get that book and start recording all of your child’s “firsts.” Even our challenge questions (when we forget our passwords) ask us about our firsts. Those become some of our best memories and when we lose the person who shared those moments with us, they hurt.

As I searched Amazon (y’all know that’s all we can do right now) for a journal to document my “Firsts” without Moe, another thought popped into my head. You should know by now that these “thoughts” are really God speaking to me. I realized that this doesn’t have to just be an exercise for a widow who is documenting her firsts without her husband. This is for anyone who has experienced a life changing event. Light Bulb Moment! Let this be your motivation to start LIVING again!

I’ve experienced several firsts since Moe’s passing. I read somewhere that once you survive that full year of “firsts” the pain is less sharp. As the months go on, I’ll have my first dinner, first cocktail, first movie, attend my first wedding and so much more. My therapist and I have determined that my healing comes from creating new memories and sharing them. Are you surprised?

Here are some “Firsts” that I have experienced!

My First Glass of Wine (Bar Marilou)

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My First Trip Alone (Nashville, TN)

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My First Girl’s Night Out (Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour)

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My First Dinner at Arnaud’s

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My First Pelicans Game

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My First Valentine’s Day (Westin New Orleans)

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My First Drag Brunch (The Library)

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Today is my First Anniversary and I’m not quite sure how I will spend it, but I did buy myself a gift. Be sure to follow this blog as I experience more firsts on this new journey! Don’t forget that I also want you to share your “Firsts” with me!